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          • 01

            Green Energy Conservation

            Become the leader in energy-saving, green and environmental-friendly elevator tide.
          • 02

            Intelligent Traffic System

            With independent innovation and international establish strategic cooperative relations to ensure a reliable source of the elevator control system
          • 03

            Innovation And Satisfaction

            Through the set up comprehensive marketing, installment, service, maintenance and renovation network in the whole world.


          Through on experiences of the world renowned manufacturers aboutfocusing on the environmentally- friendly and humanized design concepts forproducts, GOSHIN Elevator is going for the exceptional service management andstate-of-the-art quality control system.

          product & SOLUTION

          GOSHIN elevator with world-class technology and production technology to provide customers with
          excellent elevator and escalator systems to fully reliable products.

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          our project

          owns complete marketing network system in Chinese market and it provides one-stop brand
          service in pre-sales consulting installment service, after-sale maintenance.

          LATEST news

          please leave your E-mail or contact way, so GOSHIN elevator can contact you
          as soon as possible

          • Writing a new chapter yesterday
            Writing a new chapter yesterday

            Late summer , the vastness of the Taihu Lake,Aux Express Elevator ( Suzhou ) Co., two acres of new plant construction site flags fluttering ,...

          • Goshin Elevator bid Henan Tumor
            Goshin Elevator bid Henan Tumor

            RecentlyGoshin Elevator Henan (Kaifeng) Branch came the good news, Aux Express Elevator to the excellent value for money, perfect service sys...

          • Regular maintenance of elevator
            Regular maintenance of elevator

            As we all know , elevators and other mechanical and electrical equipment , need regular inspection , maintenance and repair . Through regular...

          • Elevators and escalators basic
            Elevators and escalators basic

            1 Definitions ( 1 ) lift: is a high-rise building in a stationary lifting transportation equipment , which has a passenger car is loaded , th...

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